Building Brains & Futures focuses on improving child outcomes through building adult capability. A child’s early years are a time of wonder, exploration, and rapid brain development, but it is also a time of stress and vulnerability.  To support our families in the region, we provide learning opportunities and skill-building to parents, caregivers, and teachers associated with early learning programs. By fostering a strong community network and providing opportunities for adult skill-building, we can create a supportive environment to nurture children’s brain development during their most critical years.

We are based in Lethbridge, Alberta. We collaborate with services and families within our city and surrounding region. Our current project sites in Lethbridge are Westminster Elementary School, Ecole St. Mary’s School, Sunny South Day Care, and Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society. We look forward to expanding to more locations in the future.


History of the Project

Mission and Vision

Dr. Robbin Gibb and Lynn Wytrykusz from Westminster School team up to provide great insight into building stronger executive functions in preschoolers.

Community Partners:

  • Lethbridge School District 51
  • Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division 4
  • Audiology and Children’s Allied Health Services
  • Child and Adolescent Addiction & Mental Health
  • Family Centre
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Sunny South DayCare
  • Lethbridge Public Library
  • Palix Foundation
  • Alberta Family Wellness Initiative


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