This is our enhanced curriculum which can be downloaded and played at home. It introduces the importance of executive function and emergent literacy to parents and teachers. After, it describes 10 fun games for young children that help strengthen these important life skills.

We have an updated version for easier reading that parents will find useful at home:

Executive Function and Emergent Literacy Activities (Ages 3-5)

Emotional Charades 

Developed by Dr.s Robbin Gibb, Noella Piquette, and Claudia Gonzalez at the University of Lethbridge.

The cards that are used in the activities:

Card Set 1: Emotional Charades Facial Expressions

Card Set 2: Lips and Ears, Musical Freeze, Card Sorting
In this video, educators from our school sites discuss their experiences with the executive function curriculum:

In the Fall of 2016, Building Brains and Futures held two workshops to present the research project to community and school members for the upcoming year. The page below provides presentations and brainstorming results from the workshops.

Resources from 2016 Workshops


On March 21, 2019 Building Brains and Futures held another workshop for daycare staff. Following is the presentation by Dr. Robbin Gibb about the developing brain in preschoolers.

Executive Functions in Preschoolers

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Lynn Wytrycusz of Westminster preschool presented some great ideas about how to incorporate executive function building techniques into your daily activities.

Executive Function Classroom Activities including Parent Link Perspective – Power Point (2)